Complete the steps below to join.

If your power is currently disconnected please call 0800 773 729.

Step 1: Medical dependency

Are you or anyone in your household medically dependent on electricity?

We strongly recommend medically dependent customers do not use GLOBUG. Please contact GLOBUG on 0800 773 729 to discuss more options.

Step 2: Moving or switching

Select the option which best describes your situation?


Step 3: About you


Step 4: About your property

Type in your address and choose the correct one from the dropdown selection.

Are you a low user or standard user? (See side panel for more info)


Standard user

If you use more than 8,000kWh a year then our Standard User electricity Price Plan will be more economic for you. If you have 3 or more people in your household, or you have high use items (such as a spa pool), then you will probably be best on the Standard Plan.

Low user

Low Users plans have a lower fixed daily charge, but higher unit rates. These plans are cheaper for customers who use less than 8,000kWh per year (around 667kWh a month). As a general guide households with 1-2 people can be better off on the Low User Plan.

Final step: confirm

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